Words & Thoughts – Week 8

Writing update & weekly thought.  Words This week has been mixed for my writing. I've been working on Elondria, primarily, but as I've moved into act 4, I've realised I've let a few subplots drop. Which left act 4 short, and feeling more like a first draft "skeleton." I thought about leaving it, and fixing … Continue reading Words & Thoughts – Week 8

Words & Thoughts – Week 7

Writing update and weekly thought. Words I've been working on Elondria, mainly, this week. I am coming to the end of the third act (I use four act structure), and feeling like the end is in sight. I've been having doubts about it, whether I should give up on it, and work on something else. … Continue reading Words & Thoughts – Week 7

Words & Thoughts – Week 6

Weekly thought & writing update.  Words I am still working on Elondria. I had a really good day on Friday, writing nearly 4000 words. I really got into it, for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, the mood didn't last. As I'm not doing much this next week I'm hoping to get more … Continue reading Words & Thoughts – Week 6

Words & Thoughts – Week 5

be yourself

Weekly thought & writing update. Words Short one this week. I'm still working on Elondria. And I'm back working on Rabbit as well. I'm doing some character and worldbuilding work, to try and help with fleshing out the skeleton that is draft one. Thought Decisions are hard. It's not a profound insight, I know. But … Continue reading Words & Thoughts – Week 5

January Wrap-up!


January has been a challenge. My writing hasn't gone to plan, and neither has my mental health. As one tends to affect the other, it's not surprising. Short intro this month, because I am currently tired. Turns out stress is exhausting. 😴 I am still Bullet Journaling. The biggest benefit to this that I'm finding … Continue reading January Wrap-up!