April 2018 Wrap-Up!


Sooo…I totally didn’t forget about doing this post. 🙄

I had a lot of stressful things in my life in April, in my defense. 😫

Consequently, my writing has really fallen by the wayside. I wanted to, and planned to, do CampNaNo, but I didn’t even get started. I’ve been struggling to find the spark I once had for writing. I’m hoping that it comes back. And soon.

The month brought a touch of spring with it, but ended with a (hopefully) last snap of winter. (Spoiler alert: May in the UK is warm.)


See above. And the several “ughs” that made it into my weekly posts.

I’ve written a new outline, sort of, for Rabbit, as well as trying out a new plotting method. It’s been…interesting. 🤨


Interesting Internet Finds

  • Neglected Women Writers – a Guardian article that I found during research for an essay. A topic that’s really made me think this week.
  • The Only Way Is Ethics? by Jack Monroe @ Cooking On A Bootstrap – a voice that needs to be heard

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