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Bullet journalling, as I said last week, is a system that I use for planning and generally keep myself functioning – it’s therapy as well as an organizational tool.

You can choose from a wide variety of spreads within the bullet journal system, and even create your own. One of the most useful is the weekly spread. This is an overview of your week, and there are several different methods you can use to create one. I’ve been through a few in the year that I’ve been bullet journalling.

My current weekly set-up:

weekly spreadweekly spread

The first photo is my first weekly page -I always do it on the right hand side which can cause some issues) – I use it as a basic task list, and a way to keep track of the dates and which week of the year I’m in, as well as tracking which book I’m currently reading and what I’m reading each day of the week.

The second photo is my current weekly spread and a relatively new one to me. I use it to block out my time on a daily basis. With my university classes all at odd hours, and blocks of time between things, I felt I needed a way to visually see what time I have throughout the day to get other things, like my writing, done.

The two pictures above are blank spreads, and they’re only one idea of how to lay a weekly spread out. A lot of people don’t need both a weekly spread and daily spread, instead they combine them into one. Check out these examples to see what I mean.

Some bullet journalers also use their weekly spreads for habit trackers, step counters, food trackers – all sorts of things.

Again, more examples here.

Next week I’ll go into monthly spreads, as I’ll be setting up mine for the month of November! How did that month happen already? 🙁


5 thoughts on “Bullet Journal – weekly spreads

  1. Aww… I love your weekly spread look. I wanted to have a weekly thing desperately, but then as it turned out I couldn’t maintain it most of the weeks so I let it be. I jsut do a monthly one now. So hats off to you for keeping at it so consistently.

  2. I tried jumping on the bullet journal bandwagon earlier this year, but I couldn’t keep up with it. Part of it is that I have no artistic talent whatsoever, so it kind of looked like a grade school notebook when I tried to get crafty with it haha. The other part is that my life just doesn’t seem that interesting that I really need it. I’m still obsessed with looking at people’s bullet journals, though!

    1. Having no artistic talent seems to be a common complaint amongst people who want to bullet journal. I don’t think I have much (washi tape saves me!) – practice and experimentation has helped though. Have you see the minimal bullet journalists out there? Some people just use a black pen and a ruler. 🙂

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