Words & Thoughts – Week 7

Writing update and weekly thought. Words I’ve been working on Elondria, mainly, this week. I am coming to the end of the third act (I use four act structure), and feeling like the end is in sight. I’ve been having

January Wrap-up!

January has been a challenge. My writing hasn’t gone to plan, and neither has my mental health. As one tends to affect the other, it’s not surprising. Short intro this month, because I am currently tired. Turns out stress is

Thought of the Week: How are you?

“How are you?” In class this week, I had a thought about how people always ask “How are you?” as a pleasantry. It’s a polite thing to say. People don’t usually expect a truly honest answer. Which led me onto

Happy New Year! Goals for 2018!

2017 has gone. Ended. Done. 2018 has arrived. And with it, new possibilities, a blank page. A new story to write. New chances. I am approaching this new year with intention. Creating specific goals and plans. As far as my

December 2017 Wrap-up!

December has been a challenging month, in many ways. It has been a rollercoaster of changes and small steps forward. Some of the challenges I have overcome, others I have survived. Believe me, there is a vast difference in those

November 2017 Wrap-up!

Defining feature of November: I’ve won NaNoWriMo!!! 😀 (Though only just and at the last minute.) It’s been difficult, fitting it in around college, but after failing last year (due to extreme life changes) it feels extra special to know

September 2017 Update!

Most Exciting News In This Update:   BOOK LAUNCH! I have a pre-order date!   13th October 2017   The Cover: Designed by the wonderful Racheal Ritchey. Go visit her blog, and buy her books, and get her to design

August 2017 Update!

Welcome to my monthly update! Wow, where did August go? Somehow, it’s the end of the summer, and autumn is about to begin. It was foggy this morning where I live, and cold enough to need the central heating. The

July Wrap Up!

Well, what a month July has been! In the last 31 days, my goals and identity have changed so much. I have: Changed my author name from Phoenix Grey to V.P.Grey launched a self-hosted website decided to publish a collection

Hello and Welcome!

As the title says, hello and welcome to my first post on my brand new website. You may or may not know me from my previous site, Phoenix Grey. This was my first blog, and I messed around with it,