Anxiety Disorders

anxiety disorders

There is a fine line between anxiety disorder and anxiety as a normal human emotion. Everyone experiences a normal level of anxiety in our lives. We experience it when we are facing a stressful situation, i.e., a job interview, or the first day of a new school, or receiving exam results, etc. But when this … Continue reading Anxiety Disorders



It's not simply sadness, it's not only crying, it's not simply feeling down. It is crushing, and hopeless, and seeing no point in anything. It is feeling like you're missing something everyone else has. Like you exist in monochrome while everyone else exists in colour. Depression is a dark cloud that you cannot shake simply … Continue reading Depression

Mental Health Matters


Mental health is a topic that has grown in awareness in the last year or so. People are talking more, which is nothing but a good thing. It's meant that, for me, I have a greater awareness of my own issues, a greater understanding of how my mind is working and why, and a greater … Continue reading Mental Health Matters