Words & Thoughts – Week 4

Just a thought this week... "How are you?" In class this week, I had a thought about how people always ask "How are you?" as a pleasantry. It's a polite thing to say. People don't usually expect a truly honest answer. Which led me onto the important part of my thought. If you ask me … Continue reading Words & Thoughts – Week 4


I have my dream in sight. My dream is my goal. The best gift I could receive this Christmas would be the fulfilment of that dream, would be peace of mind, would be an easing of my suffering and a light to shine on my future. Material possessions provide a momentary smile, but a dream … Continue reading Dream

October Wrap Up!

This October has been challenging, both on a personal level, and within my writing. It's a year since I moved, since my life massively changed. I've been looking into universities - been to two open days to look at courses. Intimidating. And exciting. I've started a new blogging series. A weekly update, a way to … Continue reading October Wrap Up!

Hello and Welcome!

As the title says, hello and welcome to my first post on my brand new website. You may or may not know me from my previous site, Phoenix Grey. This was my first blog, and I messed around with it, never really finding where I belonged. I did meet some amazing people though, and hope … Continue reading Hello and Welcome!