#blogbattle – Flower

Despite best intentions I haven't entered #blogbattle in quite a few months, but this month I made it! Here is my entry. 🙂 Adversity “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.” It was a quote that stuck with her since her childhood, words she carried so close … Continue reading #blogbattle – Flower

The Warehouse

the warehouse

Endless rows of shelves, of packed boxes, of things, just sat, waiting in the warehouse. He walked up and down the stacks every day, as they shifted and changed shape, sometimes taller, sometimes shorter. He wondered what was inside them all, each with numbers, incomprehensible to his human brain, printed on the outside on neat … Continue reading The Warehouse

What You Don’t Know


What you don't know won't kill you, my mother used to say. I think this as the muzzle of the gun finds its steady aim. Your eyes widen. "You wouldn't..." I pull the trigger. The shot echoes. What you don't know won't - Well, it already has.

#Blogbattle – The Journey

moon dusk

The Journey Her heart raced with the train along the tracks. Music gave her a sphere, a bubble of her own, flooding her brain through tiny rubber buds in her ears. It didn’t push all the anxiety out though, it didn’t keep all her fear out. Trees and bushes blurred past, odd glimpses of animals … Continue reading #Blogbattle – The Journey

Winter at Christmas

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts. I miss them. This is a little story about a little fairy named Winter, who had a big adventure. Now she's discovering Christmas. Enjoy. 🙂 Winter at Christmas The cold season had come around again. Snow covered the ground outside, Nutkin was hibernating, and … Continue reading Winter at Christmas

Winter: The Side Table

Her fingers ran over the scars ingrained in the wood. Once polished, now lifeless and scarred and worn. Kind of like her. The room hadn’t seen much love in the past twenty years. Her mother had let things slide. She crossed the threadbare carpet and opened the curtains to let a little light in. Dust … Continue reading Winter: The Side Table