Soulful Sunday – Convenience

convenience and choice

I often pay more for convenience. Sometimes I justify it, sometimes I get annoyed at myself for what I perceive as wasting money. Where is the line between saving money and saving time? When I travel, I usually go by the train. It's the fastest option, and the most convenient option open to me. Recently, … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Convenience

Soulful Sunday – Stereotypes

stereotypes surface

There are television programmes (I'm not going to name them - we can all think of one or two) that hide demonisation behind laughter: "Comedies" that imitate a certain group of people and make them the butt of the joke. These groups of people range from the working classes, to certain ethnic groups, to certain … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Stereotypes

Soulful Sunday – Gratitude for the Small Things

gratitude for the small things

As mentioned yesterday, my February this year has been taken over by illness. At least, that's how it's felt. I got a head cold at the beginning of the month, soldiered on with it, but then it turned into a chest infection and confined me to bed for a week. Two weeks later and I'm … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Gratitude for the Small Things

Soulful Sunday – Blanket Statements

mental health blanket statements

The amount of awareness around mental health in the last few years is a good thing. It's been really heartening to see people talking about mental health so much more than when I was first diagnosed. I had no idea that such a thing existed, and no way to access others suffering with the same … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Blanket Statements

Soulful Sunday – Leaps of Faith

leaps of faith

Sometimes opportunities are large when they come knocking. Sometimes you can't miss them. Other times, they're small, easy to miss, easy to let slip through your fingers. I came across one of these small ones this week. A little thing that may lead to nothing and yet may open up all sorts of doors. It's … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Leaps of Faith

Soulful Sunday – Balance

Balance is a word I've had in my mind for a while: the idea of finding balance in my life between work and rest, between time alone and time around others, between spending and saving money, between all of the opposites of life. It seems like a perfect ideal - to have everything in balance, … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Balance

January 2019 Quarterly Goals

So it might be a little late... I mean, two weeks of January are already gone, but I am feeling in need of some solid goal setting. New Year's goals are good, and I feel like I've set some good ones, but at the same time, they're big, and need breaking down. A little. Or … Continue reading January 2019 Quarterly Goals

Soulful Sunday – Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019

new year

It's been a busy year, and it's ending on a busy note. For the last week I've been buried in books reading for one of my English literature assignments, which, honestly, I wish I'd started reading for a few weeks ago. Another lesson learned. The entire year has been a steep learning curve, and that's … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019

Soulful Sunday – First University Semester Lessons

university book

This past week I've finished my first semester at university. These are the lessons, summed up, I've learned from it: 1. Always be prepared. You do not want to be the person in the workshop/seminar who doesn't know what to say. Or says something completely wrong because you haven't done the reading, or enough reading. … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – First University Semester Lessons

Soulful Sunday – Apprehensive

dark path apprehensive

Tonight I'm feeling apprehensive. I have to do something tomorrow I don't want to do - something I don't believe in - something that means I'm walking on the wrong path. But things have gone too far to back out now. I can't let the other person down. I feel it's going to end badly, … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Apprehensive