February 2018 Wrap up!

february ice

February. Ah, February, you have been an interesting month. It’s ending better than it began, which is a positive. It’s been a month of choices and changes and challenges. And here in the UK, snow, far too much snow. 😐


I have been working on Elondria this month, as my main project. I’ve felt good about it, bad about it, and even like I should give up on it. It’s a complicated project, and I’ve been working on it a long time – not exclusively – but it’s been ten years since I started. It’s A LOT different now, a completely different story, but I can trace the evolution from those very early handwritten pages. I want it to be an amazing story, and I want it to be published, so I’m going to stick with it. I’m almost at the end of draft three, which has been a structural edit. That’s my biggest goal right now – get the structure right, then I can work on improving the individual scenes.

I have also been working on the draft for my entry into Rachael Ritchey’s Short Story Contest. I’m almost there with it. Entry closes on the 16th March, so I have time. I can get it done.

And I’m still writing short fiction on my other site. I have been writing a serial this last week. Anothewinter readingr scifi, called Astral. It’s fun. A challenge. But fun.


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