Happy New Year! Goals for 2018!

2017 has gone. Ended. Done.

2018 has arrived. And with it, new possibilities, a blank page. A new story to write.

New chances.

I am approaching this new year with intention. Creating specific goals and plans.

As far as my writing/reading/blogging goals go, I have created an ambitious plan. I want this to be my most productive year yet.


  • Finish draft 1 of Rabbit (this should have been done in December)
  • Finish draft 3 of Elondria
  • Start querying agents with the aim of getting a traditional publishing deal for Elondria
  • Self-publish another collection of flash fiction
  • Write 12 short stories – ideally one a month


My Goodreads goal this year is 52 books. I aim to read one book a week, something I’ve been doing for the last couple of months. I have two shelves full of books that I haven’t read, some of them have been there years – I don’t like that.

The main reason for this: I want a very short personal TBR for September, when I hope to be starting an English Literature degree. I am informed there is lots of reading in one of those. I’m trying to be prepared.


  • Post at least 2 times a week
  • Start posting book reviews (not promising they’re going to be great, but I’m trying to learn)
  • Post a monthly wrap-up on the first of every month
  • Post a weekly update/thoughts of the week – I’m planning on shifting this from Saturday to Sunday
  • Get back to posting flash fiction regularly – hopefully once a month
  • Start posting articles about mental health and writing topics


As I mentioned in last Saturday’s post, I’ve started bullet journaling, and I might start sharing some of my pages on Instagram. Might. It isn’t that “arty” but it doesn’t need to be. It’s simple, and that’s what I like.

On a more personal note, I aim to pass my driving test in the next few months, and get onto an English/Writing degree for September. These are the two big life things in my goals this year.

I am also setting an intention to be calmer, kinder, and more compassionate. These are things I think modern life, and its stress, makes hard. Intentions are what count, no one can be perfect, we all fly off the handle, make mistakes, snap when we shouldn’t. That’s okay. We’re all only human.

And on that note, I will wish you all a happy new year, and hope that your intentions, goals, or plans, work out as you envision.

Until next time, go with peace. 🙂


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