Hello and Welcome!

As the title says, hello and welcome to my first post on my brand new website.

You may or may not know me from my previous site, Phoenix Grey. This was my first blog, and I messed around with it, never really finding where I belonged. I did meet some amazing people though, and hope that they keep following now I’ve moved. 🙂

I feel like I’ve been playing, like a child, and now I’m growing up, figuring out the realities of publishing and deciding to start my writing career.

Usually, I write novels, but at the moment, I’m focusing on self-publishing a collection of flash fiction. My first collection is due out at the beginning of September, called Concealed: (The colon is not a typo.)

There will be a regular posting schedule, though I haven’t quite worked out what that is. And a newsletter! (How grown-up is that?) 😁

In the meantime check THIS out, a story that is one of my favourites from the old site.

Be hopeful and happy always,

V.P. Grey

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