January 2019 Quarterly Goals

So it might be a little late… I mean, two weeks of January are already gone, but I am feeling in need of some solid goal setting. New Year’s goals are good, and I feel like I’ve set some good ones, but at the same time, they’re big, and need breaking down. A little. Or a lot.

So I’ve decided to create quarterly goals, a method I’ve seen others use for a while, but always shied away from. I am determined to make this year better than last though, and will try anything to get there. I’ve been doing a lot of planning and thinking in the last two weeks, and these are the goals I want to accomplish by the end of March (which seems a long way off but will be here in the blink of an eye).

  • Finish my read-through of the third draft of Elondria, which means i should be able to make the edits during April’s CampNaNo
  • Read 13 books
  • Write a short story every week (including taking part in #blogbattle every month)
  • Submit at least one short story or piece of flash fiction to a magazine, or a website, or anywhere

This last goal is one I’ve been thinking about, procrastinating on and putting off for years. I’ve made more excuses as to why I shouldn’t than I can even count. Some are valid to a point, like not being able to afford some of the entry fees. But some are free. And some are only a few pounds. I get a writing magazine every quarter with submissions listings, and I am determined to pick one and enter some of my writing.

That’s it, I think.

Just need to hang onto this sense of motivation and not get too depressed and stressed. 😐

Call that another goal?


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