July Wrap Up!

Well, what a month July has been!

In the last 31 days, my goals and identity have changed so much.

I have:

  • Changed my author name from Phoenix Grey to V.P.Grey
  • launched a self-hosted website
  • decided to publish a collection of short fiction
  • finished the 2nd draft of Elondria (finally!)
  • joined a real-life writer’s group
  • joined a real-life book group

All of this has been tremendously exciting. But it has also come with its problems. The first negative has been going back to anonymity. My old blog had built a following, small, but there. Now, I’m back to having to create a lot of awareness, and I’m working out how to do that in the best way.

I have been learning a lot. Technology isn’t one of my strengths, but I’ve worked most of this website thing out, without having to ask for help beyond Google. So there’s a victory. 😀


  • finished 2nd draft of Elondria! (Just got to keep celebrating that one.)
  • written a lot of flash fiction, some ready to be read, some not really finished
  • written a short story for my new story, Rabbit


Books I’ve finished this month:

If you want to read my opinions on these, follow the links through to my Goodreads page.

Interesting Internet Finds:

Quote of the Month:

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write.

~Anaïs Nin

Until next time, have fun, keep writing, and be at peace. 🙂

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