Who You Are

Who You Are


Today I have been thinking a lot about my future, and who I am. I’ve experienced some trauma in my past, and never had a chance to really establish who I am as an adult. This is a process that I think is ongoing for everyone, and can be challenging at times.

In the last few months, I have really started to make steps into who I want to be. This process is hampered by my mental health problems, and yet this is part of who I am. Finding a way to manage the things that are still impacting significantly on my life is the next step in that journey, but the positive part of this is that I am finally accepting what I am feeling. Acceptance is always the first step in a journey.

I am learning about minimalism, and how to finally follow my discontent with the commercial world. I am back in education, where my heart and mind have always urged me to be. And I am following my passion with my words, starting my publishing career and hopefully a small business.


There are so many options and possibilities in this world, more than ever before. it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and like we should be everything. As women, especially, we feel we should have a successful career, make money, have children, get married, have a perfect home, a perfect body, always be smiling and “choosing” happiness.

We are not, and cannot be, perfect. This is part of learning about, and accepting, who you are. You are human. Flawed. Perfectly imperfect. Passionate. Sad sometimes. Happy sometimes.

We are all different. And in those differences we find ourselves.

I have had to look inside my heart and ask myself what I really want. Then accept that who I am means that I do not fit into the majority of people. And that’s okay.

It’s more important to be true to myself than it is to fit in.

Only you can decide if that’s true for you.

Until tomorrow, go in peace. xx

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