October Wrap Up!

This October has been challenging, both on a personal level, and within my writing. It’s a year since I moved, since my life massively changed. I’ve been looking into universities – been to two open days to look at courses. Intimidating. And exciting.

I’ve started a new blogging series. A weekly update, a way to motivate myself to start journaling again. And while the really personal stuff isn’t making it online, it’s a reason for me to write about my day, which has always really helped my mental health.

This time next month NaNoWriMo will be over and (fingers crossed) I’ll have written 50,000 words, at least, of Rabbit. I hope I can do it this year, but even if I don’t, I’ll enjoy the challenge. 🙂

Writing Progress:

  • I’ve done some work on Elondria in October, but my attention has been divided, half taken by Rabbit. I want to finish this third draft, and perhaps I should be doing it for NaNo, but I haven’t written a first draft in a long time – since last NaNo, I guess, and I feel like I need to stretch that muscle.
  • Rabbit – the main points of the outline are done, and I am feeling happy with story, if intimidated by the idea of writing it. It feels like  big idea – the first trilogy I’ve ever planned out. Exciting too though.
  • Concealed has been released! I am excited about this, and anxious, and overwhelmed. I need to start playing with marketing – as this was the main point of releasing the book. Sales aren’t my aim, learning is.

Books I’ve Finished Reading:

Interesting Internet Finds:

Happy Halloween!

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