Reflections of an Unknown Writer: Lessons Learned

lessons learned

I've been writing. Sort of. Mostly I've been editing. I am excited in a nervous kind of way to be finally editing draft 3 of Elondria. I've decided to make some changes that I think will really make it stronger. The intention, originally, was to start querying agents this year. That didn't happen. Time and … Continue reading Reflections of an Unknown Writer: Lessons Learned

Soulful Sunday – Apprehensive

dark path apprehensive

Tonight I'm feeling apprehensive. I have to do something tomorrow I don't want to do - something I don't believe in - something that means I'm walking on the wrong path. But things have gone too far to back out now. I can't let the other person down. I feel it's going to end badly, … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Apprehensive

Reflections of an Unknown Writer & The Hero’s Journey

lost reflections

Reflections Well, it's been a few weeks since I've done a reflections post. Or any post. I've had some ups and downs, none of which have involved much writing. I know that not working on anything is a problem for me, but I'm still trying to work out a schedule that works for me. I'm … Continue reading Reflections of an Unknown Writer & The Hero’s Journey

Reflections of an Unknown Writer & Save the Cat!


Reflections I haven't written much this week, not even for the website. Time has been scarce, and depression hit me quite badly at the end of last week. What I have written is a short draft of an article for next week's mental health slot on Tuesday. I'm going to extend it from an assignment … Continue reading Reflections of an Unknown Writer & Save the Cat!

Bullet Journal – weekly spreads

Bullet journalling, as I said last week, is a system that I use for planning and generally keep myself functioning - it's therapy as well as an organizational tool. You can choose from a wide variety of spreads within the bullet journal system, and even create your own. One of the most useful is the … Continue reading Bullet Journal – weekly spreads

Reflections of an Unknown Writer & Four Act Structure

writing four act structure

Four Act Structure This isn’t a structure I see widely discussed, but it’s been the most helpful for me. It is basically the same as the three act structure I discussed last week, but it splits the second act into two different acts.  The first of the the two - the second act - leads … Continue reading Reflections of an Unknown Writer & Four Act Structure



It's not simply sadness, it's not only crying, it's not simply feeling down. It is crushing, and hopeless, and seeing no point in anything. It is feeling like you're missing something everyone else has. Like you exist in monochrome while everyone else exists in colour. Depression is a dark cloud that you cannot shake simply … Continue reading Depression



Welcome to my first post on minimalism. Minimalism is just one of my many interests - and one of the newest. I first saw it while scrolling (procrastinating) on YouTube. I've always been a person who has got attached to the things I own. I fall in love with them. And so I keep them. … Continue reading Minimalism

Soulful Sunday – Week 41


A place for reflection, thoughts, and opinions.  We all have the same amount of hours in a day - we all have the same amount of days in a week, yet it seems like some people have more than the rest of us. Those super-productive people we see online, or may know in real life, … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Week 41

Fahrenheit 451 – #bookreview


Blurb Montag is a fireman - but not in the sense we know. He lives in a dystopian world where books have been banned and knowledge is dangerous. Firemen, once protectors, are now charged with the destruction of books and the repression of knowledge. But one night, after his wife attempts suicide, he begins to … Continue reading Fahrenheit 451 – #bookreview