The Warehouse

the warehouse

Endless rows of shelves, of packed boxes, of things, just sat, waiting in the warehouse. He walked up and down the stacks every day, as they shifted and changed shape, sometimes taller, sometimes shorter. He wondered what was inside them all, each with numbers, incomprehensible to his human brain, printed on the outside on neat … Continue reading The Warehouse

Bullet Journal – 101


What is Bullet Journaling? It's the system that has saved my organisational life! It's a system originally devised by Ryder Caroll and has been adapted by many other people over the years into an system of infinite possibilities. How does it work? It's a planner - just like the paper ones you can buy, but you … Continue reading Bullet Journal – 101

Reflections of an Unknown Writer & Three Act Structure

writing three act structure

Reflections This week I've been working on getting through the second draft of my pirate story. It's going painfully slowly. Not only am I struggling to find time when I'm awake and functioning, but the draft itself is difficult. Because the first draft has so many plot-holes in it, it's taking a lot of pulling … Continue reading Reflections of an Unknown Writer & Three Act Structure

Mental Health Matters


Mental health is a topic that has grown in awareness in the last year or so. People are talking more, which is nothing but a good thing. It's meant that, for me, I have a greater awareness of my own issues, a greater understanding of how my mind is working and why, and a greater … Continue reading Mental Health Matters

Welcome to Lifestyle Mondays!


Welcome to Lifestyle Mondays! On Mondays I'm going to be doing posts about lifestyle related things - but this isn't entirely what you might expect. When I say lifestyle, I don't mean just clothes and beauty. I mean things that matter to my life, things that inform the way I live my life. It's basically … Continue reading Welcome to Lifestyle Mondays!

Soulful Sunday – Week 40 – 2018

sadness and hope

A place for reflection, thoughts, and opinions.  Recently, my life has been more of a struggle than usual. I am once more in a place where I feel so much sadness, and like everything is a fight. Nothing is happening easily. Every day is a battle to get to the next step, the next rung … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Week 40 – 2018

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – #bookreview


Blurb The book is about Eleanor Oliphant, a thirty-year-old woman who lives her life by routine, she has worked at the same place since leaving university, and has lived in the same flat since leaving local authority care. She spends her weekends alone, not talking to anyone, with her weekly bottle of vodka. She doesn't … Continue reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – #bookreview

Reflections of an Unknown Writer – Introduction


I am a writer by nature - writing is my passion. It's the one thing that I love doing beyond anything else. At least, it is sometimes. And this is where I can't make a blog about one single thing. Everything in my life is connected. I struggle to write because I'm depressed and anxious. … Continue reading Reflections of an Unknown Writer – Introduction

What You Don’t Know


What you don't know won't kill you, my mother used to say. I think this as the muzzle of the gun finds its steady aim. Your eyes widen. "You wouldn't..." I pull the trigger. The shot echoes. What you don't know won't - Well, it already has.

Words & Thoughts – Weeks 34-38

changing road

Weekly thought & writing update.  Words Writing has happened, despite me disappearing. I promise. I've been working on Into the Unknown, and on some flash fiction. I've been reading a lot more than I've been writing again, which is okay, it goes in cycles. You have to feed the creative muse in order to keep … Continue reading Words & Thoughts – Weeks 34-38