Reflections of an Unknown Writer – Introduction


I am a writer by nature – writing is my passion. It’s the one thing that I love doing beyond anything else. At least, it is sometimes.

And this is where I can’t make a blog about one single thing. Everything in my life is connected. I struggle to write because I’m depressed and anxious. I bullet journal because it helps my anxiety and generally makes my life function. I read to escape, I read to learn about writing, I read because (usually) I love it. And I write because I love (usually) to read, and when I can really get into it, I escape the reality of my life and its stresses. It’s all connected.

I’m a mix of so many things, not just a writer, and I want my blog to reflect that. So, here I am, a whole person, not a fragment of one.

But back to writing. I write fantasy fiction, and flash fiction at the moment. I’m studying creative writing alongside English literature at university, so I hope it will force me to branch out into other forms of writing. I want to document that here.

So these posts will be in two halves. The first will be about what I understand of the technical aspects of writing, and the publishing world. The second will be a reflection on what I’ve been writing during the week, and what I’m working on at the time.

My first goal is to reestablish a writing routine, to get myself back to doing just a small bit everyday (if possible).

Let’s see if I can do that.


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