Soulful Sunday – Leaps of Faith

leaps of faith

Sometimes opportunities are large when they come knocking. Sometimes you can’t miss them. Other times, they’re small, easy to miss, easy to let slip through your fingers.

I came across one of these small ones this week. A little thing that may lead to nothing and yet may open up all sorts of doors. It’s been a week of risk-taking, letting myself fall into leaps of faith.

Often, anxiety steps in and tells me all the bad things that could happen if I give them a chance, and I don’t step forward. More recently, though, I’ve decided to not listen to anxiety. It’s been a gradual shift, from listening all the time to only listening some of the time. And it’s been hard work, challenging (full of lots of tears and breakdowns).

Mostly it’s been worth it. Some things haven’t turned out well. People have let me down, situations have just not been what I thought they were, and sometimes I’ve backed out of things that could have been good.

This time, though, I don’t know, I have an inkling of a good feeling. I refuse to back down to what anxiety is telling me. Even if I end up wrong, at least it’s my choice.

So this week’s lesson: don’t listen to anxiety, take chances, take leaps of faith.


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