Soulful Sunday – Week 40 – 2018

sadness and hope

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Recently, my life has been more of a struggle than usual. I am once more in a place where I feel so much sadness, and like everything is a fight. Nothing is happening easily. Every day is a battle to get to the next step, the next rung on the ladder. And that leads to a lot of feeling like ‘what’s the point?’ I wonder how I’m going to find the energy to fight another day, to fight another battle, to face the next problem.

And as much as it feels like I’m the only one, or at least one of a minority, feeling like this, I realized today that I’m not. I knew it, logically in my mind, but there’s a difference between knowing in your mind, and knowing in your soul. In just a snippet of a conversation, I knew it in my soul. Everyone’s life has battles, sometimes more than others, and you can’t always tell from the outside. It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself – I do plenty of it – it’s much harder to flip the scene and focus on what’s good, on the achievements, on the hope, on the good.

That’s my challenge going forward, the biggest, and most important fight I have to fight – stop looking back, looking around, in sadness – stop seeing everything I don’t have – instead focus on what I do have, the battles I have won, the things in my life I am happy with.

Flip the scene.

See the good.

~ Viki

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