Words & Thoughts Week 19 & 20

Weekly thought and writing update.  Words The past two weeks have been weird (and that's putting it mildly). I had no motivation or interest in writing at the beginning of last week, but then, and this is the really strange part, I got some news I didn't really want in the middle of this week, [...]

Words & Thoughts – Week 18

Weekly thought & writing update. Words I've not really had the time to write this week. I've got a lot of words to write for essays, and I'm still not feeling tremendously motivated to write fiction. Last minute update: I've worked out the problem with my writing - I'm hoping I have anyway! I was [...]

Words & Thoughts – Week 13

Weekly thought & writing update. Words Not much to say this week. I haven't got any writing done this week. I have been reading through Rabbit, on and off, and making notes for draft two. My words this week have been academic, but I will be making time over the next few weeks to work [...]

Words & Thoughts – Week 12

Weekly thought & writing update. Words I have an obsessive personality. If there are rules, I force myself to work within them. I feel the need to be "perfect," and to make what I create "perfect." And these are the reasons I'm letting go of story structure for now. My stories flow best when I'm [...]

Words & Thoughts – Week 11

Weekly thought & writing update. Words I've been slowly recovering from the bump in the road I hit last week. It's slow, but I'm starting to come back to myself. Which means I've done a little writing this week. Which is good - but not as good as I'd like. I need Elondria done now, [...]

Words & Thoughts – Week 9

Weekly thought & writing update. Words So, I feel like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall! Its fun. Writing. It's a fun life. Essentially, I came to the end of draft 3 of Elondria. Note that this is not the same as finishing draft three of Elondria. I came to the end of [...]

February 2018 Wrap up!

February. Ah, February, you have been an interesting month. It's ending better than it began, which is a positive. It's been a month of choices and changes and challenges. And here in the UK, snow, far too much snow. 😐 Writing I have been working on Elondria this month, as my main project. I've felt [...]

Words & Thoughts – Week 7

Writing update and weekly thought. Words I've been working on Elondria, mainly, this week. I am coming to the end of the third act (I use four act structure), and feeling like the end is in sight. I've been having doubts about it, whether I should give up on it, and work on something else. [...]

Words & Thoughts – Week 6

Weekly thought & writing update.  Words I am still working on Elondria. I had a really good day on Friday, writing nearly 4000 words. I really got into it, for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, the mood didn't last. As I'm not doing much this next week I'm hoping to get more [...]

Words & Thoughts – Week 5

Weekly thought & writing update. Words Short one this week. I'm still working on Elondria. And I'm back working on Rabbit as well. I'm doing some character and worldbuilding work, to try and help with fleshing out the skeleton that is draft one. Thought Decisions are hard. It's not a profound insight, I know. But [...]