Reflections of an Unknown Writer – February 2019

Where to start? It's been a while since I last wrote one of these, because I've decided to only post them once a month. This is to enable me to alternate them with other content. So this is, I suppose, a monthly update now. I have written. And edited. And set myself some goals for … Continue reading Reflections of an Unknown Writer – February 2019

#blogbattle – Flower

Despite best intentions I haven't entered #blogbattle in quite a few months, but this month I made it! Here is my entry. 🙂 Adversity “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.” It was a quote that stuck with her since her childhood, words she carried so close … Continue reading #blogbattle – Flower

The Warehouse

the warehouse

Endless rows of shelves, of packed boxes, of things, just sat, waiting in the warehouse. He walked up and down the stacks every day, as they shifted and changed shape, sometimes taller, sometimes shorter. He wondered what was inside them all, each with numbers, incomprehensible to his human brain, printed on the outside on neat … Continue reading The Warehouse

What You Don’t Know


What you don't know won't kill you, my mother used to say. I think this as the muzzle of the gun finds its steady aim. Your eyes widen. "You wouldn't..." I pull the trigger. The shot echoes. What you don't know won't - Well, it already has.

#Blogbattle – The Journey

moon dusk

The Journey Her heart raced with the train along the tracks. Music gave her a sphere, a bubble of her own, flooding her brain through tiny rubber buds in her ears. It didn’t push all the anxiety out though, it didn’t keep all her fear out. Trees and bushes blurred past, odd glimpses of animals … Continue reading #Blogbattle – The Journey

Words & Thoughts – Week 8

Writing update & weekly thought.  Words This week has been mixed for my writing. I've been working on Elondria, primarily, but as I've moved into act 4, I've realised I've let a few subplots drop. Which left act 4 short, and feeling more like a first draft "skeleton." I thought about leaving it, and fixing … Continue reading Words & Thoughts – Week 8

September 2017 Update!

Most Exciting News In This Update:   BOOK LAUNCH! I have a pre-order date!   13th October 2017   The Cover: Designed by the wonderful Racheal Ritchey. Go visit her blog, and buy her books, and get her to design your book covers! This is incredibly exciting and I can't believe I've actually set a … Continue reading September 2017 Update!

July Wrap Up!

Well, what a month July has been! In the last 31 days, my goals and identity have changed so much. I have: Changed my author name from Phoenix Grey to V.P.Grey launched a self-hosted website decided to publish a collection of short fiction finished the 2nd draft of Elondria (finally!) joined a real-life writer's group … Continue reading July Wrap Up!