Soulful Sunday – Convenience

convenience and choice

I often pay more for convenience. Sometimes I justify it, sometimes I get annoyed at myself for what I perceive as wasting money. Where is the line between saving money and saving time? When I travel, I usually go by the train. It's the fastest option, and the most convenient option open to me. Recently, … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Convenience

Soulful Sunday – Gratitude for the Small Things

gratitude for the small things

As mentioned yesterday, my February this year has been taken over by illness. At least, that's how it's felt. I got a head cold at the beginning of the month, soldiered on with it, but then it turned into a chest infection and confined me to bed for a week. Two weeks later and I'm … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Gratitude for the Small Things

Reflections of an Unknown Writer: Lessons Learned

lessons learned

I've been writing. Sort of. Mostly I've been editing. I am excited in a nervous kind of way to be finally editing draft 3 of Elondria. I've decided to make some changes that I think will really make it stronger. The intention, originally, was to start querying agents this year. That didn't happen. Time and … Continue reading Reflections of an Unknown Writer: Lessons Learned

Soulful Sunday – Apprehensive

dark path apprehensive

Tonight I'm feeling apprehensive. I have to do something tomorrow I don't want to do - something I don't believe in - something that means I'm walking on the wrong path. But things have gone too far to back out now. I can't let the other person down. I feel it's going to end badly, … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Apprehensive

Bullet Journal – weekly spreads

Bullet journalling, as I said last week, is a system that I use for planning and generally keep myself functioning - it's therapy as well as an organizational tool. You can choose from a wide variety of spreads within the bullet journal system, and even create your own. One of the most useful is the … Continue reading Bullet Journal – weekly spreads

Soulful Sunday – Week 41


A place for reflection, thoughts, and opinions.  We all have the same amount of hours in a day - we all have the same amount of days in a week, yet it seems like some people have more than the rest of us. Those super-productive people we see online, or may know in real life, … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Week 41

Welcome to Lifestyle Mondays!


Welcome to Lifestyle Mondays! On Mondays I'm going to be doing posts about lifestyle related things - but this isn't entirely what you might expect. When I say lifestyle, I don't mean just clothes and beauty. I mean things that matter to my life, things that inform the way I live my life. It's basically … Continue reading Welcome to Lifestyle Mondays!

Soulful Sunday – Week 40 – 2018

sadness and hope

A place for reflection, thoughts, and opinions.  Recently, my life has been more of a struggle than usual. I am once more in a place where I feel so much sadness, and like everything is a fight. Nothing is happening easily. Every day is a battle to get to the next step, the next rung … Continue reading Soulful Sunday – Week 40 – 2018

Words & Thoughts – Week 30

lessons learned

Weekly thought & writing update.  Words I've written. I've been writing Into the Unknown, and I've finished the section of editing I was working on.  It's all too complicated to try and explain, to be honest, but I have learned a lot this week about editing, and started to find my way of doing it. I'm … Continue reading Words & Thoughts – Week 30

Words & Thoughts – Week 23 & 24


Weekly thought and writing update. Words Good news? I've finished all my essays for the summer. Bad news? I've not done any writing outside of essays. Best news? I have three months (give or take) with no other writing to do but my own. My first project is going to be Into the Unknown draft … Continue reading Words & Thoughts – Week 23 & 24