Words & Thoughts – Week One

Writing update & weekly thought. 


This week my writing has been patchy, as I’ve not been well (teeth-issues). I have, however, finished Rabbit! Yay!! And I’ve gone back to writing the third draft of Elondria. I had to do some re-reading to remember where I was. Lesson: don’t break off from a draft for three months. Ever. Again.

Thoughtwoman words

Due to the newness of the year, I have been trying to make 2018 a new start. I have been setting intentions for what I want my year to be, and what I want my life to be. My bullet journal is proving its worth.

Along with this, comes deciding priorities. Everyone is going to value different things, and therefore priorities different things. For me, I value the people around me – the ones who stick around, who I click with, who demand nothing of me. There are people in my life I would do anything for, and these are the ones who are simply there for me. it’s not about point-scoring, or keeping track. It’s about caring.

So, I’m being intentional about my priorities. 🙂

Happy New Year.




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