This Week: Endings + Beginnings

This Week: Endings + Beginnings

This week: 25/11/2017 – 2/12/2017


It’s been a week of endings. I guess the most exciting one was NaNoWriMo ending with the month of November. It was stressful, and I am proud of myself or winning, for reaching 50,000 words despite having two essays due and other life stuff to live. As I’d just moved last year and life was really changing a lot, I didn’t win. I worried that now I’m busier, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t fit the extra words in. But I did. I’veĀ proven to myself that if I’m determined enough, I can do anything. (Might sound overdramatic, but that’s what it feels like.)

I also completed my first graded assignments this week, and I’m now waiting (with tense, bated breath) for them to be marked and graded: I almost don’t want to know. I worry that I didn’t do my best on them because I was participating in NaNo, and because I was experiencing a bout of depression and pretty high anxiety about the essays, and other things.


I feel like, with endings, there are always beginnings. I am beginning December facing more endings, really, but with those endings will come new starts, a chance to be something new. Sometimes it’s hard to see past the fear of an ending, sometimes it’s hard to imagine what life will be like on the other side of this massive black wall that you’ve built in your mind. Sometimes things change so much that life can be unrecognisable. But sometimes it’s not as bad as it seems, and I’m currently trying to tell myself that.

This week, I have started work on the next couple of essays, and I have agreed to go to a Christmas Meal at the place where I work/volunteer. The latter is definitely a new beginning – something I wouldn’t have dared do last year. It’s still going to be a challenge, but I’m glad (at the moment) that I’ve agreed to go.

I am also starting to think about the New Year, and have decided that next year I am going to be concentrating more on my publishing/writing career. I have a fledgling idea for a brand, for something that could be really great. It’s an exciting new beginning. Even the decision feels like a new start: I have finally decided to do what’s in my heart, instead of focussing on living a life that is “expected” of me, and doing what I want instead.

Writing Update

  • I have set a goal of 30,000 words in December for Rabbit, as I want to get it finished by the end of the year.
  • Still planning my Xmas short story about my little fairy Winter

Until next tomorrow (this is the second post of my blogmas)…go in peace.



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