Words & Thoughts – Week 7

Writing update and weekly thought.


I’ve been working on Elondria, mainly, this week. I am coming to the end of the third act (I use four act structure), and feeling like the end is in sight. I’ve been having doubts about it, whether I should give up on it, and work on something else. it’s a project that I have been working on for a long time, possibly too long. But it holds my heart. I really feel like there is something in the story. But I don’t want to be wasting my time.


My writing has been patchy. I’m currently writing in 500 word “blocks” as it’s a small goal that I find easy(ish) to accomplish. If I can do one in a day, I’m happy. If I can do multiple “blocks” then the word-count soon adds up. I had a day of writing over 4000 words doing this. it’s a psychological trick, but it works.


Be yourself.

Even if it means you don’t get what you think you want, or what others make you feel you should want. Be honest. Be the person you admire. Because if you have to be someone else to get this thing, this mythical “want,” then it’s never going to make you happy. All you’ll do is live a lie.

Be yourself.

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  1. Oh my goodness I am working on a draft and feeling exactly the same. I am having doubts. Its second draft and I think my main character is cringeworthy! Hope you work out what to do.

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