Words & Thoughts – Week 10

Weekly thought & writing update.


It’s been a bad week. I’ve been trying to work on Elondria. I am so close to the end, with only a few scenes left to write. But this week has been a struggle, for many reasons, and I haven’t been able to write much. I’m hopeful that next week I can get draft three finished.

Which leads me onto plans. After finishing Elondria, I want to go back to Rabbit. I had a reminder on Monday that it’s CampNaNo next month – which brought a fleeting smile to my face. I love NaNo, both the full one in November and both Camps. I’m planning on starting revisions on Rabbit next month. It is a project I am feeling very passionate about it.

I haven’t written anything else this week. I haven’t had the energy.


I like to say something positive in this space, something inspiring, something that feels wise and helpful. But this week has been full of a lot of negativity for me, so much that I’m struggling to find a positive spin on it.

I am disheartened by the country I live in, by the values which society holds ,and lost in a world I don’t feel I belong in.

I want to shout with a voice loud enough to be heard, loud enough to change the things that are wrong. This is where my passion for Rabbit comes from, my desire promote change, and give a voice to the powerless.

All I can say today, all I can find to say, is no matter your politics, or opinions, never accept things the way they are. Think outside the confines of “what is.” Think outside the confines of society. Keep an open mind, and always carry compassion at the front of your mind.

Always struggle against that which is wrong. Speak out. Fight. Be the change you want to see.

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