Words & Thoughts – Week 16

one step at a time

Weekly thought & writing update.


Still ugh.

I’m currently spending my time going through old notes, and taking new ones, on the technicalities and practicalities of writing. It’s not what I want to be doing (draft two of Rabbit), but it’s the best I can right now.


I’m in a funk. I’m trying to find my way out of it, but not succeeding. At the moment. I think part of it is how I feel about my writing at the moment. And the rest? Stress. So much is happening at the moment, so many big things. I think I’m feeling overwhelmed, and not quite sure how to handle it, other than taking one day at once, and looking forward to the summer and a break from the constant expectations and deadlines.

Sometimes, one day, one step, one minute at once is all I can cope with. And it’s advice I’ve given to others. Just take it one moment at a time, because nothing lasts forever, and moments will always pass.

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