Words & Thoughts Week 17

Success and failure

Weekly thought & writing update.


Accomplishment of the week: I worked on an outline for a rewrite of Rabbit. Not sure I’m doing the right thing, but I know I’m not happy with how the story came out. It’s not how I envisioned it before I wrote the first draft.

Thoughtssuccess failure

You can’t win every time. I know this. Of course. I’ve always known this. It’s life. But failing at something you really wanted to succeed at is a hard lesson in the ways of the world. You can’t always succeed. Sometimes you have to learn a lesson in failure.

Take the lessons and move on. Try again. There are very few things in life that you can’t have another go at. I’ve had my few days of feeling sorry for myself, not I’m getting up and dusting myself off and pushing on.

It’s important to allow yourself to feel disappointment, or sadness, or despair, even hopeless, for a little while. It’s important to acknowledge the let down. But it’s also important to draw a line under it and take positive action to fix the problem.

(Always with the caveat – if it does go on longer, and you can’t help yourself out of the darkness, seek help. That’s also important to acknowledge.)

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