Words & Thoughts Week 21

Weekly thought & writing update. 


Again, I’ve not done a great deal of writing because of being busy. And I’ve had a migraine this week as well, which put me out of action with pretty much everything for a day. And allergies have been making me tired… Basically, it feels like the world does not want me to write, right now.

I have done some, though! I wrote a weird piece of fiction..kind of poetry, and kind of not… It’s hard to explain. I got a good reception at the writer’s group I’ve started going to, so I think it just needs a couple of wording tweaks, and it will be good to go…somewhere. Not sure where. I want to do some illustrations to go with it, but I will see. Drawing isn’t my strong suit.


Future plans. I have them. But I’m hesitant to put them on here in case I change my mind. I have the whole summer ahead of me, without essays to write, and deadlines to hit, and I am determined to make the most of it.

The weather is finally nice (with a few grey days here and there, naturally), and I find it a lot easier to look at life positively when the sun is shining and I’m not cold.

I want to add a lot of stuff to this website, and do a lot of writing, and (finally) get my flat sorted, and maybe even be social. Oh, and travel – staying within the UK, but there are a lot of places I haven’t seen.

So, those are my plans. Roughly. I’m guessing life will do its best to disrupt them, but it feels good to start out with intentions.




  1. They’re horrible things to have. I sometimes notice the weather seems to affect my head. I wish it would just be warm or just be cold, stop changing so often.

    I’m hoping to get down to London in a few weeks, and maybe up to Scotland – if I’m feeling brave. I’d love to get to Wales too. I get anxious about public transport though, so it depends on how brave I’m feeling!

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