Words & Thoughts Week 21

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Weekly thought & writing update. 


Again, I’ve not done a great deal of writing because of being busy. And I’ve had a migraine this week as well, which put me out of action with pretty much everything for a day. And allergies have been making me tired… Basically, it feels like the world does not want me to write, right now.

I have done some, though! I wrote a weird piece of fiction..kind of poetry, and kind of not… It’s hard to explain. I got a good reception at the writer’s group I’ve started going to, so I think it just needs a couple of wording tweaks, and it will be good to go…somewhere. Not sure where. I want to do some illustrations to go with it, but I will see. Drawing isn’t my strong suit.


Future plans. I have them. But I’m hesitant to put them on here in case I change my mind. I have the whole summer ahead of me, without essays to write, and deadlines to hit, and I am determined to make the most of it.

The weather is finally nice (with a few grey days here and there, naturally), and I find it a lot easier to look at life positively when the sun is shining and I’m not cold.

I want to add a lot of stuff to this website, and do a lot of writing, and (finally) get my flat sorted, and maybe even be social. Oh, and travel – staying within the UK, but there are a lot of places I haven’t seen.

So, those are my plans. Roughly. I’m guessing life will do its best to disrupt them, but it feels good to start out with intentions.



2 thoughts on “Words & Thoughts Week 21

  1. I had a migraine recently, too. I think it was the a drastic change in weather here. They can really just knock you down for the day. Good luck with your planning! What places are you looking to travel to?

  2. They’re horrible things to have. I sometimes notice the weather seems to affect my head. I wish it would just be warm or just be cold, stop changing so often.

    I’m hoping to get down to London in a few weeks, and maybe up to Scotland – if I’m feeling brave. I’d love to get to Wales too. I get anxious about public transport though, so it depends on how brave I’m feeling!

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