Words & Thoughts – Week 23 & 24


Weekly thought and writing update.


Good news? I’ve finished all my essays for the summer.

Bad news? I’ve not done any writing outside of essays.

Best news? I have three months (give or take) with no other writing to do but my own. My first project is going to be Into the Unknown draft two. I’m going to get back to writing flash fiction again. And I’m going to get more articles and information up on this site. It’s sat empty for far too long.


I’m counting today (19/6) as the first day of summer. I finally handed in my final assignments yesterday, and (fingers crossed) that’s college done. I’m sat, with the sun slowly creeping in through my curtains – it looks and feels like summer today, like I have three months of potential ahead of me.

It’s moments like this that i love the most. The moment first thing in the morning when you have the whole, unspoiled day ahead of you and anything is possible. I’m soaking it in, savouring it. Because tomorrow I’ll have had one day, and it feels like how I use today will determine how I use the summer. Maybe that’s not rational, but a big part of me believes that how you begin is how you’ll end.

Maybe it’s a mindset. Psychological. But it feels true for me.

So, I’m going to get this post up (three days late), and go and start to make use of my summer. I have my to-do list in my bullet journal.

I am armed, and ready. 😀


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