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I have written! It feels a lot like a victory, and honestly I wasn’t expecting it. I intended to get back to my writing now my official summer has begun, but part of me doubted I could get back what I felt I had lost – the passion for writing, the feeling it gave me.

I have being writing the second draft of Into the Unknown – which will also be my CampNaNoWriMo project for July. It’s going okay. It’s a fun story, an adventure, rather than a deep political statement (Rabbit) or a deep passion project (Elondria). I had real fun writing the first draft back in 2013, and I think it’s a good world, with good characters, and suited to spin-off short stories.

I’ve also written some flash fiction over on my other site. I was planning on one a day, and then life happened, and I fell off the wagon. I intend to stick to one a day as much as possible though.


I got a good start to my official summer. A productive day, some decisions made, and possibilities created. It’s been warm (aside from an odd cold day), and it looks like it’s going to get warmer. I like warm, up to a point.

I read an article during the week which made me think about definitions, and labels, and the way we use them. Can a mental health diagnosis be offensive? Can using a factual term about someone offend them? Why do we use labels to define ourselves? Why do we want to? And why do most of us define ourselves by one aspect of our personality, or who we are?

It’s interesting. Some people, a lot of people in fact, define themselves by their job. It’s the first thing we are often asked, and how some people introduce themselves. It’s how people are described in newspaper and magazine articles. Others define themselves by their sexuality, or their ethnicity, or their martial status, or being a parent… The list goes on.

So how do we choose? Do we choose? Or does society choose for us? Do other people decide how they define us in their eyes? Do we have any choice in how we are defined?

I feel like our definitions inform how we see the world. For example, I define myself as a writer, and so I see everything through the eyes of a writer, I see potential stories, character traits, quirks, habits…Inspiration everywhere! Or, is it the way I see the world that decides my definition?

I don’t know. I’m not sure I’ll ever know. And I’m not sure it’s important. But I do think, in this world of Instagram and hashtags, it’s important to think about.


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