Words & Thoughts – Week 27 & 28

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Weekly thought & writing update.


The past two weeks have not gone to plan. I’ve done some work on Into the Unknown, but I’m having doubts about the path I’ve taken with it, and life-related exhaustion has happened.

I decided to move Into the Unknown from third person POV to first. And I think that was a mistake. Elondria worked much better in first, and I thought it would help Into the Unknown as well. I don’t think it has. When I started on the third draft of Elondria, my vision of it changed in my head – it became clearer. I saw it in a clear, sharp way when I moved it into first person. With Into the Unknown, that shift has only just happened. I was thinking about it a few days ago, and thought about shifting it back , and my vision cleared. I can’t explain it. It’s like a shift between old 90s graphics and the modern ones of today. It’s a certainty of what the world looks and feels like, how the characters move, how they interact with each other.

It just means I have to start draft two again… 😩


Sometimes the past interferes with the present in unpleasant ways – the voice of someone in the present can merge with someone from the past and bring back old pain. It’s a connection that can be difficult to break, and the consequences can be difficult to deal with. I’ve seen such moments described as emotional flashbacks, and they can be a symptom of a mental health problem – if they’re severe and causing significant distress.

I’m not an expert, but today this happened to me, and I wanted to record something that helped: grounding myself in the present. I took a break from the difficult situation, sat somewhere (relatively) peaceful, and let the emotion pass. And I came up with a practical solution to avoid the same thing happening again. The key is self-awareness, knowing it’s happening, and that can only come with learning and experience.

I plan on writing more on this topic, and other mental health related content, when I can find time and motivation and energy….


2 thoughts on “Words & Thoughts – Week 27 & 28

  1. Congrats on being able to take a step back and get through the situation calmly. I know how difficult (even impossible) it can feel.
    I find that I write better in 1st Person than 3rd person. Not that I write that much haha.

    1. It can feel impossible sometimes, I agree. And sometimes a reaction had happened before you can stop it. I think strangely it’s one of those things that takes practice. 😕
      In a lotnfwaya 1st is easier, though unused it find it impossible and had to write in third. 😊

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