Words & Thoughts – Week 30

lessons learned

Weekly thought & writing update. 


I’ve written. I’ve been writing Into the Unknown, and I’ve finished the section of editing I was working on.  It’s all too complicated to try and explain, to be honest, but I have learned a lot this week about editing, and started to find my way of doing it. I’m ready to start August with a new method of creating the proper second draft of the story. I’ve settled on POV and tense through some experimentation, and I’m happy to tell the story, and feel I can now in the best way possible.

I’ve also written some flash fiction over on my other site – or rather, perhaps poetry, I was informed on Friday night!


It’s not been a good week, to say the least. I’ve had (another) big disappointment, and the worse thing is that it was (almost) completely in my control. My actions decided the outcome. And I let myself down. And someone else, someone else who I really didn’t want to let down.

Here’s the kicker: it was my negative mindset, my anxiety that caused the negative outcome. I believed it would be negative, and it was. I’ve done this so many times, and often been surprised, been wrong. This time I wasn’t. And this time I had nothing else to blame except for my mindset.

So the lesson learned? Dare to think positively, dare to think that I am capable, dare to believe that I will succeed.

My new motto? I can and I will.

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