Words & Thoughts – Week 31

angry waves

Weekly thought & writing update. 


I am currently editing Into the Unknown, and I’ve decided to not use wordcount to measure my progress – I’m working in a bit of a confused manner at the moment, so I’m not going to try to explain here, but I’m finding that measuring my work in time is working the best. I tried setting a timer for 2 hours and working straight through, but that didn’t work. So I’ve split it down into four 30 minute sections, and that feels more manageable.

I’ve written a few pieces of flash fiction for my other site too, or possibly poetry. Or possibly a weird mix between the two. I’m honestly not sure. :/


Anger – don’t let it rule you. I lose my temper easily, and for a few years of a previous life I spent my time angry, bitter, always asking why me? Why do I have to suffer? Complaining that it’s not fair. Directing my anger at people and letting it turn into hate.

Now, I’m not perfect. There are a few people I would love to shout some choice words at (and had cause to this week). I sometimes lose my temper. I have to continually remind myself that being angry, and directing that at anyone (including myself) isn’t productive.

What is productive? Complaining through proper channels, confronting people (calmly), venting to friends/family/social media, and writing it down then burning it/filing it away somewhere.

And the biggest one? Taking responsibility, admitting our fault in things, and accepting that there are many things in life we simply have no control over. Life is what it is, and being angry won’t change anything.

Feel annoyed.  Vent. Let it go.

(And remember that no one is perfect and as with all things like this, it’s a journey, not a destination.)



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