Words & Thoughts – Week 5

be yourself

Weekly thought & writing update.


Short one this week. I’m still working on Elondria. And I’m back working on Rabbit as well. I’m doing some character and worldbuilding work, to try and help with fleshing out the skeleton that is draft one.


Decisions are hard. It’s not a profound insight, I know. But I’ve been thinking this week about all the things that make them hard. There are so many factors that can influence one decision, one choice in your life that then influences all the other choices you are going to make.

It’s easy to be influenced by others. We ask for advice, but then it can be hard to make your own choice. Some of us (raises hand) are natural people-pleasers, or have been made that way by life’s events. You then have to step back, and make the decisions that you want to make, without letting the desire to make someone else happy influence you.

Be you. (Within reason.)

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