Words & Thoughts – Week 3

serenity prayer

Weekly writing update & thought.


I am still making steady headway with draft three of Elondria, but my aim of finishing by the end of the February doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Thinking about how much I can realistically write each week, I can’t hit the goal. So I’ve decided to move it to the end of March instead.

I’m still thinking about Rabbit, and getting itchy fingers to start reading through it and get moving with editing process.

I’ve been posting more over on my wordpress blog, and I’ve started my January short story. I am in two minds about what to do with it – self-publish on Amazon, or save it to enter contests / submit to magazines – I want to get more self-published stuff out there, but I also have limited writing time and I want to try submitting short fiction.

I need more hours in the day. 😫


As humans, we tend to like to feel in control of our lives. Which, for me, is tied up in being a perfectionist. I like things to be how I want them, and when they’re not, I have to consciously adjust to it. It’s easy to get carried away feeling angry over something you simply can’t control – like public transport (my particular gripe this week), and traffic, and the weather. There are just a few examples of things we can do nothing about.

Acceptance is a skill I practice. It doesn’t come naturally. There are things I accept as out of my control, and things I refuse to accept – even though society deems it “the way it is.” In both cases, I have to take some deep breaths and acknowledge that I either can’t change it, or I can’t change it right then. Especially by getting angry.

Take some deep breaths next time you want to shout at traffic, or at a late bus, or at the rain/snow/ice. Most of the world is out of our control, all we can control is our reaction to it. And that’s the bit that really counts.

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